Introduction: “A libertarian socialist approach …”

The aim and purpose of this PoliticsBlog is to provide a place that enables me to express my political opinions/beliefs/ideas.

Being a libertarian socialist, I consider that society needs to develop with a focus upon caring for those in need – i.e. via a state planned economy. The idea being that profits and taxes should be used to provide support and care for those who have a recognised need (e.g. a need for food, housing, healthcare, education, legal aid etc).  Thus, I believe in re-distributing wealth through a fair, just, and equitable, wage and tax system.

Such a caring egalitarian society needs to operate within a constitutional framework of respect for human rights. The terms of governance of that society being based upon a libertarian popular, worker, consumer, citizen, means of participation/control in both the private and the public sector. This needs to be pursued through a subsidiarity principle, which is developed flexibly though an expansion of liberty, democracy, iDemocracy etc.

If you have any concerns about the veracity of the content of any statements or opinions in this blog, please email me. For an explanation of the philosophy of ‘libertarian socialism’ – watch the video: “Libertarian Socialism is not an Oxymoron.”  See also: “What is Libertarian Socialism?” by Gina O’Neill-Santiago.

Dr Peter Jepson


I am author of the book ‘Tackling Militant Racism‘ and have written the attached articles, many concerned with sex, race, or homophobic discrimination. See also:

Dr Peter Jepson Dip Soc Studies [Oxford], LLB, LLM, PhD. [Lond] Alma mater: Ruskin College Oxford, and University College London.


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